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j85Janine Mix has extensive leadership experience, diverse cultural knowledge and proven sales growth among multiple companies. Through her executive business consulting, she works with clients on an individual level to identify and reach their full business potential. She has developed and executed customized sales training programs, created innovative branding and marketing campaigns, and has helped some of her clients achieve sales growths of over 100% and expand into new locations nationwide.


Janine has developed a unique skill set through valuable knowledge she gained in her past experiences working with both small and large businesses around the country. That skillset, paired with her high energy and drive to help local business owners take their company to the next level, gives you a tremendous asset on your team! I’ve seen what she is capable of and would highly recommend her to any business looking to take the next step in growing their company.

Kyle S. – Financial Services Professional

There are so many take aways from working with Janine Mix. She has a shrewd mind for business strategies and creative insights about how to streamline your customer experience from initial contact through to and beyond the final sale increasing the likelihood of positive word of mouth and repeat customers. Her knowledge of the sales process, keen mind for effective marketing, and whip-smart strait to the point delivery is both refreshing and can save you time and money in your business. She's positive, professional & a pleasure to work with.

Cassie L. – Owner, Better to Gather Events

Janine Mix was instrumental in getting our business started! She walked us through the entire process. She analyzed our numbers and found us great ways to build upon our ideas that helped our business grow beyond what we could have ever expected in our first year. She is trustworthy, knowledgeable and knows her stuff! We are forever grateful for the things she has taught us!

Jannette B. – Owner Kingdom Kids Preschool

I have had the pleasure of working with Janine on a variety of projects. She is highly-organized, with exceptional consideration for detail and quality. Janine brings a contagious passion to anything she tackles, and I always look forward to opportunities to work with her. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge that add value to any partnership.

Mike K. – Graphic Designer

From client relations, strategic financial planning and budgeting, employee retention and development, product merchandising, and inventory management, Janine has been involved in building every level of my business. She is a brilliant business planner who has helped me realize a 100% growth of my business in the last year alone.

Katie E. – Owner Bottega

Janine has done an incredible job motivating and influencing ideas to instill lasting qualities for my marketing position. Sparking creativity, excitement, and professionalism while teaching and mentoring through her training's I feel more comfortable in my position. her guidance and experience has helped me create a plan for my marketing efforts now and for the future.

Jessie M. – Marketing Director

Janine has helped me become more organized and prepared to succeed as a store manager. She analyzed the way I think and made it easy for me to understand new techniques of managing. We worked together to create clear expectations and feedback for my team. She taught me proven techniques that made me a more productive, educated, and stronger leader. She also worked with my team and helped us create more structure and better communication throughout Bottega. Janine created the customer service training that we have all our stylist go through. The training is straightforward, tailored to our store needs, and is extremely effective. She is amazing and I highly recommend her!

Amanda R. – Retail Store Manager

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